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Efterklang's favourite records of 2008
Published 2 January 2009 by TM

1: Beach House "Devotion"
2: Department of Eagles "In Ear Park"
3: Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
4: Paul Simon "Graceland"
5: TV on the Radio "Dear Science"
6: Sam Amidon "All is Well"
7: Peter Broderick "Home"
8: Dosh "Wolves and Wishes"
9: Wildbirds & Peacedrums "Heartcore"
10: Deerhunter "Micro Castle"
11: Deerhoof "Offend Maggie"
12: Johann Johannsson "Forlândia"
13: Erick Enockson "With its Dark tail curled round the Garage"
14: Yeasayer "All Hour Cymbals"
15: Tape "Illuminarium"

Sound Of Kuduro
Published 5 January 2009 by TM

I just found this fantastic video for Buraka Som Sistema's 'Sound Of Kuduro' on Youtube. It's pretty lofi, but the footage of the Angolan street dancers is amazing.

'Sound Of Kuduro

Kuduro is a fairly brutal style of dirty electronic dance music that seems to be wildly popular in former Portuguese colony Angola. Buraka are actually from Lisbon in Portugal, but they seem to be pushing this music internationally, which is great news. Fabric Records have signed up their debut album, from which this track is taken. Not sure about MIA's phoned-in contribution, but cares when it sounds like this much fun.

volcano!'s Sam Scranton's highlights of 2008
Published 5 January 2009 by TM

Best Album: Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III. simultaneously wildly ambitious and extremely lazy.
Best Video: Lil' Wayne - SNL performance of Lollipop. A terrible song and mostly really boring until the last 4 seconds when he begins to play the guitar previously slung around his back and lets loose on a boldly unprofessional solo - obviously unpracticed, no distortion, no masking device, it sounds as if plugged directly into the board. He should play guitar in the Stooges.
Best Live Performance: Icy Demons at the Bottom Lounge. Blue Hawaii talked loud into the mike, sang about fish sandwiches, and performed with crazy energy.
Best Song: "Chopped and Screwed" by T-Pain. Not about purple drank. i don't even know what its about, but the beat can't be topped.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw's Jeremy Barnes highlights of 2008
Published 6 January 2009 by TM

In Canada we did a collaborative workshop with the Master Musicians of Joujouka, from Morocco.
Listening to glen gould's recordings of bach's partitas.
Ferenc Kovacs' "Beli Buba" record.
Discovering the almost infinite magic of the nooks and crannies of Youtube. Cell phone camera videos of Romanian weddings, Tapan players in the streets of Macedonia, Bulgarian accordions playing in their living rooms, Manele recording studios in Bucarest, trumpet violin masters in Bihor.
Re-discovering Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Our concert in Seattle was a great time.
Playing on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal
Lichens' concert at All Tomorrow's Parties

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