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Matthew Bourne: Before The Piano Island
Published 2 November 2011 by TM

Interview with Matthew about his six-week music residency in Xiamen, China, which starts in March 2012. Includes a great live clip of his performance at Bishopsgate Institute in London last week.


Independents' Week On Amazing Radio
Published 3 November 2011 by BWL

Amazing Radio have a week of celebration for independent labels starting on November 6 to coincide with the AIM Independent Music Awards next week. Head Leaf honcho Tony Morley was given a thorough interrogation for the show that broadcasts at 9pm on Wednesday. Full details on how to listen and the other shows can be found here.

Matthew Bourne On The Return Of Written/Unwritten
Published 9 November 2011 by TM

Matt brings the Written/Unwritten performance back for the London Jazz Festival.


Oh No Ono Perform Born Slippy On Danish Radio
Published 16 November 2011 by TM

Oh No Ono performed a cover version of Underworld's 'Born Slippy' at a birthday party for Danish Radio's 'Det Elektriske Barometer' show on Sunday night.

The show was recorded and you can find it here:

Oh No Ono appear at around 44 and a half minutes in...

The band play a one-off charity gig in their hometown of Copenhagen on December 2nd, more details here.