BLOG: Playing The Building
Playing The Building
Published 26 August 2009 by TM

I went to David Byrne's Playing The Building installation at the Roundhouse in London yesterday, with Sheikh Ahmed (designer of this website and friend to the stars...).

I'd missed this in New York last summer and was desperate to visit, as a long standing fan of Talking Heads and Byrne's own work. While it was a great deal of fun to play (we had two tries - conjuring an interpretation of a Global Communication classic with me on heavy vibrating metalwork and Sheikh on percussion, the other a psychedelic jazz-drone piece - in our minds at least), I can't help feeling it would have been better in a disused shipping warehouse in Manhattan.

Still, I'd recommend it wholeheartedly if you have the chance to go - on til August 31st. Kids will love it too!

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