BLOG: Lee Hazlewood Is Go(o)d
Lee Hazlewood Is Go(o)d
Published 11 April 2011 by Tony Morley

I've been a fan of Lee Hazlewood for many years - own nearly all his records. He was rarely interviewed at length, but thankfully Kieron Tyler got to him before he died in 2007.

He's finally published a thorough interview with Lee from 1999, around the time Steve Shelley was reissuing some of his more obscure albums, on The Arts Desk website. This has been up for a little while now, but I just re-read it and wanted to share it. It's as good an evocation as I've ever read of what made Lee so great and unique. Would that more artists had his humility and self-confidence, at the same time. A lesson to us all, working in the back room.

Q&A Special: Lee Hazlewood

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