BLOG: volcano!'s Sam Scranton's highlights of 2008
volcano!'s Sam Scranton's highlights of 2008
Published 5 January 2009 by TM

Best Album: Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III. simultaneously wildly ambitious and extremely lazy.
Best Video: Lil' Wayne - SNL performance of Lollipop. A terrible song and mostly really boring until the last 4 seconds when he begins to play the guitar previously slung around his back and lets loose on a boldly unprofessional solo - obviously unpracticed, no distortion, no masking device, it sounds as if plugged directly into the board. He should play guitar in the Stooges.
Best Live Performance: Icy Demons at the Bottom Lounge. Blue Hawaii talked loud into the mike, sang about fish sandwiches, and performed with crazy energy.
Best Song: "Chopped and Screwed" by T-Pain. Not about purple drank. i don't even know what its about, but the beat can't be topped.

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