Wildbirds & Peacedrums with Voices Tour Trailer
Published 27 April 2010 by BWL

Wildbirds & Peacedrums return in May with a very special European tour and Retina, the first of two vinyl only EPs. The Gothenburg-based duo will be accompanied by a handpicked 12-strong Swedish choir on the cluster of dates, which begins at the Pavement-curated ATP on Friday 14 May.

The release date for Retina has been put back to May 24 due to production problems, but it will be worth the wait - the 5-track EP will be pressed on white vinyl and housed in a stunning black and silver sleeve. We are confident that the band will have copies of the EP to sell at the shows, and we will make them available to purchase through our shop as soon as we can.

Here's a short taster of what to expect from the upcoming shows and EP, compiled from live footage from the recording in Iceland this January:

And youtube.

We are offering a free download of 'Fight For Me' from Retina to subscribers to the Leaf mailing list. Find out more by signing up or logging in here:

You can also hear 'Fight For Me' on the band's myspace:

The second EP, Iris, will follow on June 21, and both EPs will be compiled as an album, entitled Rivers, to be released on August 23 on CD and download.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Voices:
Friday 14 May - ATP Festival, Minehead, UK
Saturday 15 May - Bishopsgate Institute, London, UK (with Choir Of Young Believers)
Sunday 16 May - Café De La Danse, Paris, France
Monday 17 May - Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland
Wednesday 19 May - Babel, Malmö, Sweden
Thursday 20 May - Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Friday 21 May - Blå, Oslo, Norway
Saturday 22 May - Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden
Sunday 23 May - Pusterviksteatern, Gothenburg, Sweden

Oh No Ono EP, European Tour, Video Game And Bear In Heaven Remix
Published 28 April 2010 by BWL

Oh No Ono are in the London this weekend for two shows in Camden, one at the Proud Gallery on Saturday and the other as part of The Camden Crawl on Sunday. A European tour follows later in the month, with all the dates below.

The Danish quartet released Eggs in February to widespread acclaim, and the 'Internet Warrior' EP is released on May 17 as a download (with a limited vinyl remix EP to follow). The single includes remixes by Caribou, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Shlohmo, Zambri and The Depreciation Guild (members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart).

To mark the release, Oh No Ono have created a space invaders-style video game which you can find on their website.

Meanwhile, the band have remixed a track by Brooklyn's Bear in Heaven which was previewed by Pitchfork earlier this week.

Oh No Ono live:

Fri 30 Apr - Train, Aarhus, DENMARK
Sat 1 May - Proud Camden, London, UK
Sun 2 May - Camden Crawl, London, UK
Fri 14 May - Handelsbeurs, Gent, BELGIUM
Sat 15 May - La Fleche D'Or, Paris, FRANCE
Mon 17 May - The Luminaire, London, UK
Wed 19 May - Liverpool Sound City, The Kazimier, Liverpool, UK
Thu 20 May - Art Rock Festival, St Brieuc, FRANCE
Sat 22 May - Prinzenbar, Hamburg, GERMANY
Sun 23 May - **NEW VENUE** Comet Club, Berlin, GERMANY
Mon 24 May - Studio 672, Cologne, GERMANY
Tue 25 May - Nachtleben, Frankfurt, GERMANY
Wed 26 May - 59:1, Munich, GERMANY
Thu 27 May - Salumeria della Musica, Milan, ITALY
Fri 28 May - Bronson, Ravenna, ITALY
Sat 29 May - Seewiesen Festival , Kleinreifling, AUSTRIA
Sun 30 May - 007, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Fri 23 Jul - Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, DENMARK

Nancy Elizabeth On 'Kept Impulses' UK Tour With James Blackshaw & Hauschka
Published 29 April 2010 by BWL

Nancy Elizabeth begins her collaborative tour in May with 12-string guitarist James Blackshaw and prepared piano player Hauschka. Under the banner 'Kept Impulses', the dates begin with a prestigious show at the Barbican in London on May 10.

The three artists will be on stage together throughout, first performing on each other's songs in intimate musical conversation, before being joined by a chamber orchestra (directed by David Coulter and featuring multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch and harpist Julia Thornton) to play specially-commissioned arrangements of their material. This is a unique opportunity to hear three great individualists creating beautifully-matched music from the common ground that they share in modern folk, contemporary composition and bewitching song.

Here are the Kept Impulses dates plus a show in Malta and an appearance at the Big Session festival in June:
Mon 10 May - Kept Impulses, Barbican, London, UK
Wed 12 May - Kept Impulses, The Junction, Cambridge, UK
Thu 13 May - Kept Impulses, St George's, Bristol, UK
Fri 14 May - Kept Impulses, Holywell Music Room, Oxford, UK
Sat 15 May - Kept Impulses, Band On The Wall, Manchester, UK
Sun 16 May - Kept Impulses, The Roxy, Edinburgh, UK
Wed 9 Jun - MITP Theatre, Valletta, MALTA
Sat 19 Jun - Big Session, Leicester, UK

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