Polar Bear with Jin Jin - Cuckoo
Published 2 October 2014 by DM

Polar Bear have unveiled a brand new single ‘Cuckoo’ via FACT today. Recorded with rising star Jin Jin it is a companion piece to this year’s Mercury Prize shortlisted album In Each And Every One. Sharing the album’s earthy experimentalism, it sees the band twisted into exciting new dark electronic pop shapes.

“I started to make ‘Cuckoo’ out of a section that I wrote for ‘Chotpot’ but didn’t use on the album,” Sebastian Rochford explains. Seb sampled Jin Jin’s vocals on In Each And Every One after she’d recorded in his studio late last year. Pleased with the results, he invited her back to collaborate on ‘Cuckoo’.

To complete the digital single there is a propulsive Paleman remix. Built on anxious rhythms and ominous nocturnal atmospheres, it moves the track several steps further towards the dancefloor.

You can buy the single now on Polar Bear’s Bandcamp, and it will be available on all other services on Friday.

Tickets are going fast for their show at the Lexington on October 9. Get them here while you still can.


Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Keep Some Hope
Published 14 October 2014 by DM

Wildbirds & Peacedrums have unleashed the second single from their forthcoming album Rhythm. ‘Keep Some Hope’ was premiered via Booooooom and is yet another incredible demonstration of the Swedish duos ability to craft beautiful, dark and timeless pop songs on powerful martial rhythms and impassioned vocals.

Watch the unsettling, otherworldly video by Anders Malmberg on Youtube or Vimeo.

Rhythm is released on November 3. Pre-order from the Leaf shop or Bandcamp to receive an instant download of 'Keep Some Hope' and 'The Offbeat'.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums are touring throughout November. See our live page for details.


Jamie Cullum champions Polar Bear
Published 16 October 2014 by DM

Watch Jamie Cullum explain why he is backing Polar Bear’s In Each And Every One for the Mercury Music Prize 2014. In summing up the enduring appeal of Polar Bear, he hits several nails squarely on the head. You can also find a clip of unlikely comedy duo Tom Herbert and Leafcutter John discussing the album here.

Polar Bear will be performing live at the awards ceremony, which takes place on October 29. We will keep you posted on television coverage details.


Melt Yourself Down - That's Life mixtape
Published 20 October 2014 by DM

In preparation for their mouthwatering gig with James Chance at Village Underground on November 5, MYD drum fiend Tom Skinner (aka Hello Skinny), has put together a post-punk flavoured mixtape for Loud And Quiet. Download it for free at their Bandcamp.

Not only that, but Pete Wareham has also made a selection of African influenced future dance tracks for Clash.

Tickets for MYD + James Chance are here.

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