DOCK 50 - Check The Water T-Shirts (DOCK 50)
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Check The Water T-Shirts by None
Formats: T-Shirt (DOCK 50)
Release Date: 25 October 2005

When The Leaf Label celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2005, they made available a range of T-shirts with a design taken from the packaging of the Check The Water compilation. The design, by the Non-Format team, was printed in black on a range of t-shirts in a total of 22 different colours.

Some of the shirts were one-offs in terms of style and colour combination, and will never be repeated. Some of these have already sold out, but for the first time in 5 years, we are offering you the chance to get your hands on the remaining few, exclusively here. Don't delay, order today!

The shirts are available in one ladies' style, and two men's styles (Classic Fitted and Classic Jersey) and are printed on top quality shirts (would you expect anything less?).

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Medium Army Green Fitted T-shirt (DOCK 50FMARMY TS)
Large Army Green Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLARMY TS)
Large Army Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLARMY TS)
XLarge Army Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXARMY TS)
Large Black Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLBLACK TS)
Large Black Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLBLACK TS)
Large Black Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLBLACK TS)
XLarge Black Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXBLACK TS)
Small Black Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LSBLACK TS)
Medium Black Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LMBLACK TS)
Large Burnt Orange Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLBURNT TS)
XLarge Burnt Orange Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXBURNT TS)
Large Charcoal Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLCHARC TS)
XLarge Charcoal Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXCHARC TS)
Large Cool Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLCOOLGREEN TS)
Medium Dark Brown Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FMBROWN TS)
Large Dark Brown Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLBROWN TS)
Medium Denim Blue Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FMDENIM TS)
Large Denim Blue Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLDENIM TS)
XLarge Gold Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXGOLD TS)
Medium Kelly Green Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50 FMKELLY TS)
Large Kelly Green Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLKELLY TS)
Large Kelly Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLKELLY TS)
XLarge Kelly Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXKELLY TS)
Small Lemon Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LSLEMON TS)
Medium Lemon Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LMLEMON TS)

Large Light BlueJersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLLIGHTBLUE TS)
XLarge Light Blue Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXLIGHTBLUE TS)
Medium Navy Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FMNAVY TS)
Large Navy Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLNAVY TS)
XLarge Navy Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXNAVY TS)
Small Navy Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LSNAVY TS)
Medium Navy Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LMNAVY TS)
Large Olive Green Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLOLIVE TS)
Large Olive Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLOLIVE TS)
XLarge Olive Green Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXOLIVE TS)
Medium Olive Green Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LMOLIVE TS)
Medium Red Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FMRED TS)
Medium Sky Blue Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LMSKYBLUE TS)
Medium Stereo Red Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FMSTEREORED TS)
Large Stereo Red Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLSTEREORED TS)
Large Stereo Red Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLSTEREORED TS)
XLarge Stereo Red Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXSTEREORED TS)
Medium Optic White Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FMWHITE TS)
Large Optic White Fitted T-Shirt (DOCK 50FLWHITE TS)
Large Optic White Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JLWHITE TS)
XLarge Optic White Jersey T-Shirt (DOCK 50JXWHITE TS)
Small Optic White Ladies' T-Shirt (DOCK 50LSWHITE TS)
Medium Optic White Ladies' T-Shirt(DOCK 50LMWHITE TS)