DOCK 48 - Hey Son (DOCK 48)
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Hey Son by Nancy Elizabeth
Formats: Limited edition 7" single (DOCK 48) Digital (DOCK 48E)
Release Date: 23 July 2007

'‘Hey Son'’ is the haunting first single by Nancy Elizabeth, giving us a dramatic taste of the delights to be found on her debut album, Battle and Victory. The single is be available as a download, and in a limited edition of 600 numbered 7” singles for the world.

Packing a lot into its three minutes and 20 seconds, the dynamic ‘Hey Son’ opens with a Davy Graham-inspired guitar figure and Nancy’s unmistakably Northern voice, building to a crescendo of crashing percussion and dense vocal harmonies. The B-side song (exclusive to this release) is the evocative ‘Live By The Sea’, a recording of just Nancy’s voice and the churning drone of an Indian harmonium.

The 23-year-old Wigan-born singer has been writing and performing since she was 14. Nancy’s debut EP, The Wheel Turning King, was released by Manchester’s Timbreland Recordings in 2006, under her full name, Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe.

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A1. Hey Son
B1. Live By The Sea