BAY 49CDJ - The Headlight Serenade (Special Edition) (BAY 49CDJ)
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The Headlight Serenade (Special Edition) by Triosk
Formats: Limited Edition 2CD (BAY 49CDJ) Digital (BAY 49EJ)
Release Date: 21 October 2006

The Headlight Serenade (Special Edition) is a reissue of the third (and final) album by Triosk, following 2004’s celebrated Moment Returns on The Leaf Label, and their 2003 collaboration with Jan Jelinek, 1+3+1 (~scape). The album was originally released on The Leaf Label in 2006.

This limited edition re-release includes a bonus disc containing six stunning live tracks from the Sydney band's session for the Australian national broadcaster, ABC, recorded in 2006. Four of these tracks are unavailable in any form elsewhere.

Before they broke up at the end of 2007, the trio consisted of Adrian Klumpes (piano, Rhodes, synths, sampler), Laurence Pike (drums, percussion) and Ben Waples (acoustic and electric bass)

Laurence Pike is a member of Pivot and Adrian Klumpes, who released a remarkable solo album, Be Still, on The Leaf Label in 2006, currently has two solo projects in the offing, under the names 3ofmillions and Klumpes/Ahmad.

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CD 1:
1. Visions IV
2. Lost Broadcast
3. Lost Reprise
4. Intensives Leben
5. Lazyboat
6. Not To Hurt You
7. Headlights
8. One, Twenty-Four
9. Vostok
10. Moment Returns
11. Fear Survivor
CD 2 (Live at the ABC):
1. $20,000 Handshake
2. The Great Cities
3. One, Twenty-Four
4. Lazyboat
5. Autumn Descends
6. Past Life Romantic