DANATT 1 - Sebastian Rochford, Ranjana Ghatak & Gina Loring - Love A Sacred Path (DANATT 1)
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Sebastian Rochford, Ranjana Ghatak & Gina Loring - Love A Sacred Path by Days And Nights At The Takeaway
Formats: Digital (DANATT 1)
Release Date: 27 January 2012

Days And Nights At The Takeaway is a monthly digital singles club curated by Polar Bear’s Sebastian Rochford, which will run throughout 2012. Each single will take the form of a two track digital bundle, released on the last Friday of the month. Seb is working with a different collaborator (or collaborators) every month, and each track will be backed with an exclusive remix.

The tracks are all recorded in Seb’s studio in a former takeaway in London (hence the project name). We’re looking at some pretty spectacular guests working with Seb throughout the year, and the music is going to be extremely varied.

The first release in the series is a collaboration with LA poet & singer Gina Loring and British Indian vocalist Ranjana Ghatak, entitled ‘Love A Sacred Path’. The track comes complete with a superb remix by Keysound/Hyperdub mainstays LV. It’s perhaps not what you’d expect from him, but Rochford’s long immersion in the worlds of hip-hop and dubstep has been increasingly apparent since the release of the Common Ground collaboration with UK MC Jyager in 2010, and his production work with rapper Mikill Pane in the last year.

“Lots of people have been coming to this place to make music,” says Seb of the origins of the Takeaway concept, “And I wanted to expand on that and find a way of sharing it, I love playing and making music with different people so doing this feels very natural to me.”

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1. Love A Sacred Path
2. Love A Sacred Path (remixed by LV)

The Takeaway
Ranjana Ghatak
Gina Loring