DANATT 5 - Sebastian Rochford & Alice Grant - Rini Gave Word (DANATT 5)
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Sebastian Rochford & Alice Grant - Rini Gave Word by Days And Nights At The Takeaway
Formats: Digital (DANATT 5)
Release Date: 25 May 2012

Sebastian Rochford’s digital singles club, Days And Nights At The Takeaway, is now five having reached May. This month’s collaborator is Alice Grant who has previous form with Seb, having played with him as part of both Fulborn Teversham and Acoustic Ladyland.

Another unexpected treat in the Takeaway series, ‘Rini Gave Word’ takes a seed of cosmic folk and plants it in a bed of languid lo-fi electronics and percussion. The bonus remix this month is by British musician and composer Simon Bookish, and it’s a winner.

“It’s always a joy to work with Seb,” says Alice of the recording, which took place in Seb’s London studio. “It’s been a while since we’ve played together and it was so much fun and really inspiring, as always. I brought along the bare bones of a song I’d been working on and he took the music in a completely different direction than I would have if I’d finished it on my own. And it was great to finally have an opportunity to showcase my drumming skills seeing as Seb’s drumming isn’t really up to much!”

The Takeaway series has seen Rochford collaborate with Leo Abrahams, Jehst, Tom Skinner, Gina Loring, Ranjana Ghatak, LV, Pete Wareham, and Micachu.

All the singles and remixes can be streamed on the
project’s Bandcamp page.

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1. Rini Gave Word
2. Rini Gave Word (Simon Bookish remix)

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Alice Grant
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