DANATT 9 - Sebastian Rochford & Drew McConnell - Joy In The Morning (DANATT 9)
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Sebastian Rochford & Drew McConnell - Joy In The Morning by Days And Nights At The Takeaway
Formats: Digital (DANATT 9)
Release Date: 28 September 2012

Drew McConnell’s collaboration for Sebastian Rochford’s Days And Nights At The Takeaway signals the three-quarter mark in this diverse and inspiring singles club. McConnell, bassist and backing vocalist in Babyshambles, and Rochford have worked together before under the Helsinki collective banner.

“Drew had mentioned he wanted to do something out of his usual sound world,” says Seb, “So it felt like a natural thing to explore this for the Takeaway.”

September’s single is a game of two halves, so to speak. Rather than the usual song-plus-remix format, the pair decided to spread out over two new very different songs instead, recording both in a single day. Lead track ‘Joy In The Morning’ is playful indie-pop, while its sister, ‘Mostly Harmless’, moves well outside of the duo’s usual safety zone, propelled by massive synth basslines.

“The day passed amidst tea, cigarettes and laughter, peppered with conversations of doubt and hope,” says McConnell of the experience. “Throughout which, expertly, almost subversively, Seb extracts the stuff of two songs. I barely noticed.”

The Takeaway series has so far seen Rochford working with Chris Taylor, Jason Moran, Soumik Datta, Leo Abrahams, Jehst, Tom Skinner, Gina Loring, Ranjana Ghatak, LV, Micachu, Alice Grant, Simon Bookish and Acoustic Ladyland bandmates Pete Wareham and Ruth Goller, with all the recordings being made at his studio in a disused London Takeaway. Every single and remix can be streamed on the project’s Bandcamp page.

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1. Joy In The Morning
2. Mostly Harmless

Drew McConnell