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Drink and Glide by Snapped Ankles
Formats: digital (SNAP 8E)
Release Date: 26 October 2018

Snapped Ankles have left the woods. They find themselves in the tree-lined cul-de-sacs of the suburbs that surround the concrete forest of the citadel. Amongst the trees here, are wooden posts with “For Sale” and “To Let” written in bold type. A new forest. Promises, promises.

They glimpse the sportswear-clad inhabitants busying themselves in their quest for physical and mental fitness, only to obliterate their senses at every opportunity. ‘Drink and Glide’ into this fast-paced living: the once revolutionary 1960s counter-cultural ideals now co-opted into lifestyle classes to enhance one’s sense of “betterness”.

Snapped Ankles eye up those in search of self-improvement through casual mindfulness while self-medicating to survive the mundanity of suburban living with mind-altering concoctions borrowed from the internet. The dose becomes the word. The word is… “TURN UP, DROP IN and WEIGH OUT!”

Snapped Ankles will be offering baby yoga classes in a warehouse near you soon.

The second cycle begins. From tiny acorns…

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1. Drink and Glide