QUAKE 1 - Watch For Tsunami When You Feel Earth Quake (QUAKE 1)
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Watch For Tsunami When You Feel Earth Quake by Various Artists
Formats: Limited Edition Free CD (2000 copies)
Release Date: 10 December 2001

This limited edition promo only CD was created to mark the occasion of The Leaf Label's major London event on 10 December 2001. The concert featured live appearances from Eardrum, Dan Snaith and Gorodisch, plus DJs Graham Sutton, Rob Ellis, Tony Morley and Four Tet.

The CD included a number of exclusive tracks that will not be available on official Leaf releases, plus previews of new Leaf releases for 2002. Such as...

A SMALL GOOD THING - 'A Mighty Stillness (remix)'
The outsiders return. An exclusive remix of a track from the forthcoming album (their second for Leaf). ASGT's classic (though never released in the UK) Slim Westerns album will finally have a companion with a new album of high plains drifting in the spring.

MANIT*BA - 'Pat Benatar's Hairdresser'
Exclusive new recording, never to be seen again. Bound to turn up on eBay for a small fortune. Another marvelous track title from label wonderkid Dan Snaith, whose debut album has recently been voted #14 in Muzik magazine's Albums of the Year. He is working on his second album, for release later in 2002, and the current Give'r EP gives a taste of the joys to come.

MURCOF - 'Maiz'
Taken from the forthcoming album by Leaf's latest signing. Murcof (Fernando Corona) hails from Tijuana, Mexico. Influenced mainly, though not exclusively, by classical and electronic minimalism, Murcof works with orchestral samples, microscopically detailed textures, sounds and rhythms. An EP on Sutekh's Context label will be followed by the full length album on Leaf in spring 2002.

BOOM BIP & DOSEONE - 'The Birdcatcher's Return'
From the album Circle, licensed from Mush Records, the avant hip hop collective of really weird kidz out in LA. We'd explain exactly who they are, but there's not really space... The album will finally get a European release on Leaf early in 2002.

ROB ELLIS - 'Triminufaykinsymph'
Exclusive unreleased track from the sessions for 2000's Music For The Home. Rob Ellis is about to begin work on a follow up now he has some time out from touring with PJ Harvey.

310 - 'Firing Line (live at Smallfish)'
Unreleased live version of a track from 1999's The Dirty Rope, recorded autumn 2000 in London's infamous Smallfish record store. 310's first 2 albums have just been re-released on Leaf as Downtown & Brooklyn Only, and they also have a brand new, limited edition ambient CD out on the tiny US Desolat label (entitled Nothing To See Here).

SUSUMU YOKOTA - 'Mix / Weave . Spool . Fiber Mix'
Taken from the album Mix, which was released on Yokota's Skintone label in Japan only. The Leaf Label licensed four tracks for the Mix EP - this is a rare chance to hear one of the tracks that got away!

GORODISCH - 'B.O.F. (The Kitchen Sink Mix)'
Re-recording of the track from the Thurn & Taxis mini- album. Stephen Cracknell's full length debut is set for release mid-2002.

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1. A Mighty Stillness by A Small Good Thing
2. Pat Benatar's Hairdresser by Caribou
3. Maiz by Murcof
4. The Birdcatcher's Return by Boom Bip & Doseone
5. Triminufaykinsymph by Rob Ellis
6. Firing Line (live at Smallfish) by 310
7. Mix / Weave . Spool . Fiber Mix by Susumu Yokota
8. B.O.F. (The Kitchen Sink Mix) by Gorodisch