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Will by Susumu Yokota
Formats: Limited Edition Double Vinyl LP (2,000 copies) (BAY 20V) Digital (BAY 20E)
Release Date: 3 September 2001

Will is a strictly limited edition vinyl only LP (2,000 copies for the world!) of new deep house tracks by Susumu Yokota. The album will be released later in Japan on CD, but will only be available on vinyl in the rest of the world.

We know he's prolific. Since autumn 1999, Yokota has released five Skintone albums (through The Leaf Label outside Japan) - Image 1983-1998, Magic Thread, Mix (a 12" on Leaf), Sakura and the recent Grinning Cat, plus the highly sought after (and now deleted) LeafCompilation mix CD. Then there's Zero on Sublime in Japan (to be released by Exceptional in the UK later this year). But what can we do? He's undeniably/consistently/extremely good. And his fans are multiplying at a steady rate everywhere.

Will is the first house album Yokota has released on his own Skintone label, and the first of his more dance oriented albums Leaf has licensed, for the very reason that it's too good not to! Will was recorded during the same period as Grinning Cat, and can be considerd a sister album. It retains Yokota's unmistakeable crackly, hand-made aesthetic, marrying it to his twitchy dancing feet while avoiding even the faintest whiff of cheese.

Playful and flirtatious, Will is another compelling Yokota release.

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1. Level 21
2. Alpine Nation
3. Red Door
4. Illusion River
5. Pegasus Man
6. Black Sea
7. Pony Tail
8. Rabbit Earring

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