BAY 14CD - The Noodles Foundation Presents: The Complete Death Of Cool (BAY 14CD)
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The Noodles Foundation Presents: The Complete Death Of Cool by Various Artists
Formats: CD (BAY 14CD) Limited Edition CD + CDROM (1,000 copies) (BAY 14CDX)
Release Date: 7 May 2001

Following hot on the heels of the double long player The Death Of Cool: Part 2, and three long years since Part 1, here's The Complete Death Of Cool, a mind-bending CD compilation featuring the very best bits of the two vinyl volumes from Si Begg's Noodles Foundation. Packing no less than 38 tracks on to one CD, the self-appointed 'Stupidest Recording Organisation in the World' finally comes of age. Lovingly compiled and brutally edited by Begg and his co-conspirator Zygmunt Janowski, you are guaranteed to find something to your taste within.

And if perchance you don't, there's always the second disc (limited edition of 1,000), a blitzkrieg assault of scratchpunk videos to feed your desktop (almost 4 hours worth!), collated by Si Begg and Robin Mahoney. This double CD package, entitled Ho-FuN - The World's Smallest Film Festival is available while stocks last.

From the sister label to Si Begg's already notorious Noodles Discotheque imprint, the album has been licensed to The Leaf Label for the world. The album takes in electro, jazz, funk, hip-hop, country, gameshow theme tunes, and, of course, quality songwriting talent, and featuring the work of such luminaries as Mouse On Mars, Jamie Lidell, Neil Landstrumm and Sand (not to mention Mr Begg himself under a variety of pseudonyms) the album achieves a delicate balance between whimsical humour, aural satire, sonic irritation and full-on dancefloor (satisf)action. Not unlike the work of Manchester's V/Vm crew, only with tunes, the album is an insight into Begg's somewhat twisted (morally corrupt?) worldview.

Perhaps we could draw your attention to a couple of the album's finer moments: Michael Forshaw's unforgettable electroboogie monster 'Work That Mutha', Dr Kosmos's cheery pier-end number 'Holiday', Steve Dixon's peculiarly touching rendition of 'I Dream Of Genie', not to mention Mou Ars On's 'Putza Tock Baby' (wonder who that could be?).


Zygmunt Janowski is the founder of the Noodles Foundation and recorded a series of highly acclaimed Hammond organ albums in the 70s.

Si Begg does many things under many names including Buckfunk 3000 and Cabbage Boy. He's probably in your record collection somewhere. He is also head of A&R at Noodles Recordings.

Sand are currently signed to Satellite records and have released an album called 'Beautiful People Are Evil'.

Robin Mahoney. As well as composing his own brand of urban four-track folk he has directed feature films and worked on Channel 4's experimental series 'The Trip'.

The Buttmasters are people you don't want to know.

Deep Burial is a project from Dublin, part of the Ultramack stable.

Michael Forshaw is an artist from Blackpool who has also appeared on Penalty and Magic Trax, he has his own label (Mike And Chan's records) and all his tracks are recorded on a fucking Wurlitzer.

Cabbage Head are elusive multimedia artists who have been in operation for over ten years.

Cursor Miner is a new block on the kid who also records for Lo Recordings.

Van Der Hoog's Country Curative were a project featuring the talents of Tim Ellis from the seminal Jackdaw With Crowbar.

Steve Dixon was the man behind Drug Free America, pre-trance racketeers of the highest order. He has released a new solo album, Cage Without A Pet.

Barry Pseudonym is Hardy, founder of Spymania records who first inflicted us with the likes of Squarepusher and Jamie Lidell's solo album.

Jamie Lidell is half of Super_Collider, now releasing solo material on Warp.

Dr Kosmos is Sweden's finest cabaret artiste and has collaborated with the likes of Beige as well as having his own CD out on North Of No South.

Anal Parade records in Nottingham. His Beeston Style contemporaries include Dogslag, 8-bit God, Yeast/Metayeast and Pastry Boy.

Dr Dobrovolski is from Sheffield. He has a CD on Bubblegunner recordings called It Can't Be Bad If It Feels Good. Other gems include Dwarf Power, Deep Doo Doo, Chuff Nut and Cowpoke.

Mou Ars On are in fact Mouse On Mars under another name because they're cheeky monkeys. They're also Cologne's top drawer electronic favourites who we're sure you all know and love.

The Hibiscus Geronimo III Players are an experimental vocal duo from Ruislip.

Navario Sauro records on Neil Landstrumm's Scandinavia label.

Neil Landstrumm is currently the king of New York. He has also been infecting MTV kids with his multimedia experiments.

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1. Zygmunt Janowski - Intro
2. Si Begg - New & Different Experiment
3. Navario Sauro & Si Begg - Unknown Dialect
4. Sand - Desperate
5. Mr Mahoney - Sunnyside
6. The Buttmasters - Chesty
7. Deep Burial - Gimme That Wine
8. Dr Dobrovolski - Putge
9. The Buttmasters - Dirty Tackle
10. Jamie Lidell - Mouth Fool
11. Mou Ars On - Putza Tock Baby
12. Anal Parade - Ansaphone
13. Zygmunt Janowski - Rock 1
14. Barry Pseudonym - Hetroskedacity
15. Mr Mahoney - Harmonica Storm
16. The Hibiscus Geronimo III Players - Boiled Grease Feast
17. Michael Forshaw - Work That Mutha
18. Cabbage Head - Future / Today
19. Cursor Miner - uHave2Wonder
20. The Buttmasters - Sweet Dreams
21. Sand - Take 42
22. The Buttmasters - Lawn Food
23. Mr Mahoney - English Cubase
24. Neil Landstrumm - Titos Block
25. Barry Pseudonym - Pissed Scratch Break
26. Cabbage Head - FunFunFun
27. Doktor Kosmos - Holiday
28. Si Begg - Brothers And Sisters
29. Dr Dobrovolski - Batcholo Mang
30. Si Begg - Sing Circle System
31. Cursor Miner - totallyUnreal
32. Cursor Miner - Bezerkone
33. Dr. Dobrovolski - Saxon Come From Barnsley
34. Van Der Hoog's Country Curative - Circle O.B.S.
35. Cabbage Head - Commercial Suicide
36. Steve Dixon - I Dream Of Genie
37. The Buttmasters - Gang Stairs
38. Mr Mahoney - Cucumber Song