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Paul's Birthday by Caribou
Formats: 12" (DOCK 26)
Release Date: 26 February 2001

When Dan Snaith's debut 12" EP was released in October 2000, no-one – least of all him – expected the overwhelming response the record received. Limited to a thousand copies, People Eating Fruit sold out almost immediately.

An unassuming twenty-two year old Toronto resident with a classical and jazz piano background, Dan is a masters-qualified pure mathematician. Say what? Yep, that's right, he devises abstract theorems for a living...

For kicks, he makes unbelievable tunes that threaten to crack your head open with their sheer glorious melodic weight and the army of beats, toots and soaring trumpetings. This time it's Paul's Birthday. And it'll get you dancing, too. On the ceiling. 'Paul's Birthday' was a tune Dan gave to his friend Paul as a birthday gift last year. Unbeknownst to us here at Leaf, Paul's actual birthday turns out to be the release date of the 12". Cool, huh?

Flip it for 'Evan Likes Driving': intricate rhythms that want to burst out of the speakers and head out the door somewhere, followed by a parade of stray jazzers call and responding, trying to find their way home.

PLEASE NOTE: this 12" was originally released under the name Manitoba, before Dan Snaith was forced to change his artist name for legal reasons. The artwork above is a mock-up: the artwork for the original edition featured the name Manitoba rather than Caribou.

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A. Paul's Birthday
B. Evan Likes Driving