DOCK 24 - People Eating Fruit (DOCK 24)
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People Eating Fruit by Caribou
Formats: Limited Edition 12" EP (DOCK 24)
Release Date: 30 October 2000

The thing is, Dan is troubled by the idea that people will think he's a chin-stroky-esoteric-music-bore. We know that nothing could be further from the truth, and so will you with even a casual spin of the glorious tune that is People Eating Fruit.

We do, however, acknowledge that it's:

True - he's been trained in classical and jazz piano since, forever.


True - he'll embark on a PhD in pure maths when he finishes his degree at Toronto University, next year.

But then, he started buying records. This has been known to encourage wayward youthful misdirection in the best of us. His songs have titles like paintings, or photographs, and in the fine, spidery melodies and unusual evocations of distilled time you may think of moments when your friends made you laugh, when the light struck the furniture at a strange aspect, or someone looked up at you in the street and in that brief second, new possibilities leapt into your mind. It's this random human element - discovering something extraordinary in the everyday - as well as Dan's live playing of guitars and keyboards, mixed with computers and sampling, that makes his music a thing of grace, warmth and simple beauty.

PLEASE NOTE: this album was originally released under the name Manitoba, before Dan Snaith was forced to change his artist name for legal reasons. The artwork for the original 12" edition featured the name Manitoba rather than Caribou.

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A1. People Eating Fruit
A2. James' Second Haircut
B1. Victor And Carolyn
B2. 218 Beverly