DOCK 18 - The Rhythm! The Message? (DOCK 18)
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The Rhythm! The Message? by Beige
Formats: 12" (1500 COPIES) (DOCK 18)
Release Date: 18 September 2000

Following the release of Oliver 'Beige' Braun's debut album, I Don't Either, comes the release of his first ever single. The Rhythm! The Message? is aimed as much at the feet as the head, with elements of twisted house, techno, electro and Beige's peculiar sense of humour.

Funny, funky, and totally rocking, this is alien funk of the highest order - house music stripped to the bare essentials, recontextualised and rebuilt by one of Cologne's best new mood engineers.

The list of DJs that have been playing tracks from the album (and some early test pressings of this 12") is enviably varied: everyone from shoe leather destroyers Mr Scruff, Trevor Jackson, Ben Wilcox, Disastronaut and Matt Herbert, radio DJs like John Peel and John Kennedy, through to techno jocks like Richie Hawtin, DJ Hell and Fumiya Tanaka, as well as Kodwo Eshun and Mute's Daniel Miller.

The vocal snippets on the lead track come courtesy of Uje Brandelius (aka Dr Kosmos). The two B-side tracks are both exclusive to this 12" release.

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A1. The Rhythm! The Message?
B1. exe.bat:auto.cube
B2. hubschlacht v.1.0