DOCK 19 - Last Light Remixes Volume I (DOCK 19)
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Last Light Remixes Volume I by Eardrum
Formats: 12" EP (DOCK 19)
Release Date: 3 July 2000

Though often a dark and uncompromising trip, Eardrum's Last Light album was an unmitigated critical success on its release. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Eardrum's heavily percussive fusion of african rhythms, electronics and dub also found favour with like-minded musicians around the world. Everyone from Richie Hawtin and Andrew Weatherall to Jay Swinscoe (Cinematic Orchestra), Frederic Galliano and Ian Simmonds wanted some, so The Leaf Label decided to enlist some of these fans in this stunning remix project. A true labour of love, all the artists involved have contributed remixes of undeniable quality.

Ashley Beedle instantly fell in love with the album and has brought a characteristicly 'live' atmosphere to his remix of 'Swarm'. Vienna's Sofa Surfers twist 'Low Order' into whirling helicopter funk (Eardrum have reciprocated by remixing 'Guns'n'Bombs'n'Knives' from the Surfers' 'Cargo' album), while Germany's Monolake (Robert Henke) take the same track to a dancehall under the sea. The mix of 'City Collision' by Freeform's Simon Pyke is perhaps the most subtle here, using only sounds from the original track, though it's also the most complex, turning the original's rhythms inside out.

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A1. Swarm (Ashley Beedle's Killa 'B' Remix)
A2. Low Order (Sofa Surfers Rework)
B1. Low Order (Monolake Mix)
B2. City Collision (Freeform Mix)