DOCK 20 - Four Tet v Pole EP (DOCK 20)
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Four Tet v Pole EP by Pole v Four Tet
Formats: 12" EP (DOCK 20)
Release Date: 26 June 2000

It's been a long time coming, but this heavyweight head-to-head between Kieran 'Four Tet' Hebden and Stefan 'Pole' Betke is finally with us. These are the first ever remixes of either artist's work and the Pole v Four Tet EP is everything we hoped for, and more.

The EP includes an exclusive original track by each artist, plus remixes of each other's tracks. In an exchange of mutual respect, the project brings out the best in both artists, with Hebden relishing the opportunity to add drum sounds to Pole's pops and crackles, and Betke turning in a 'ghost' version of Four Tet's original.

This is Hebden's first release since 1999's Glasshead / Calamine EP (Output Recordings). His Pole remix takes Betke's dirty works and leads them somewhere else entirely, adding neo-classical piano and a two-step kick to create one of his best-ever tracks. Hebden has recently completed a second Four Tet album, while his band Fridge are currently working on their fourth album.

Pole's Pole 3 album (KiffSM/PIAS) completes a trilogy of albums that have earned Betke his reputation as a groundbreaking urban dub pioneer with an unparalleled ear for sound design.

This is the second in an occasional series of soundclashes from acclaimed artists. The first, featuring The Sons Of Silence and Ronnie & Clyde, was released back in 1997 (DOCK 15).

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A1. Heim (Four Tet remix) by Pole
A2. Cload by Four Tet
B1. Cload (Pole remix) by Four Tet
B2. Heim by Pole