PRAGUE 2 - The Frosty Bardum Affair (PRAGUE 2)
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The Frosty Bardum Affair by 310
Formats: Limited Edition 12" EP (PRAGUE 2)
Release Date: 18 October 1999

The Frosty Bardum Affair is a limited 'sampler' 12" featuring versions of tracks taken from their forthcoming debut album for Leaf, The Dirty Rope, plus a bonus track from their last album SNORKELHoUSE, previously unavailable in the UK. The EP is limited to just 700 copies.

All the tracks on The Dirty Rope are sequenced, so this 12" has 'isolated' versions of tracks for DJ use. 'Frosty Bardum' is an extended version of the track on the album. There is also a new vocal version of 'Pacific Gravity', unavailable elsewhere, plus 'Red Horizon' (taken from SNORKELHoUSE). The last two feature the vocal talents of fire/fly, who will also be part of the 310 live set up. 310 are currently working on his own album. The album consolidates the reputation the duo have built with their NOD and Prague Rock EPs (both released through The Leaf Label), bridging the gaps between numerous musical genres.

310 are two old friends from New York: Joseph Dierker (currently resident in Seattle) and Tim Donovan (engineer at some of NYC's top studios who has worked with A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Erykah Badu and Method Man, among others). The duo work by relaying tapes of new work across the continent, each building on the other's previous work.

310 is pronounced 'three-ten'...

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A1. Frosty Bardum (3:10 mix)
A2. Red Horizon
B1. Pacific Gravity (featuring fire/fly and Wendy New)
B2. Firing Line