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Closer Colder by Faultline
Formats: CD (BAY 12CD) Limited Edition Vinyl LP (1,000 copies) (BAY 12V)
Release Date: 27 September 1999

Welding live instrumentation (strings, xylophone, trumpet, etc) to fractured, scorched digital rhythms, found sounds and voices, David Kosten has created music both sonically formidable and emotionally involving - a collision that's won him some influential fans.

The title track includes a sample of Dennis Hopper's voice from Blue Velvet. Kosten obtained permission directly from Hopper and David Lynch, both of whom requested copies of the LP. Awake was featured in mutated form on Leaf's Speedranch^Jansky Noise present Welcome To Execrate mix CD, and Faultline's debut live performance at that album's launch event at the Scala attracted over 400 people. Mute features legendary 66-year old trumpeter Ian Carr, and was remixed by Third Eye Foundation and Buckfunk 3000 for Faultline's last single. The harmonica on 'Partyline Honey' is by Mark Feltham, best known for his work on Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden. 'Papercut' has already been featured in Channel 4's 'The Trip', and was used as the title music to 'onedottv', also for Channel 4. 'Control' includes death threats left on both Kosten's home and studio answerphones over a period of six months. Following a police investigation, it transpired that the culprit was a singer that Kosten had auditioned and rejected. Using the voices seemed appropriate and ironic - the guy gets to do the lead vocal but can't claim a credit as he'd incriminate himself further...

As well as his own music, Kosten has a burgeoning career as a producer - recent work including the acclaimed Ben Christophers album for V2. Since releasing Colder Closer on The Leaf Label, Kosten has gone on to sign to Geoff Travis's Blanco y Negro imprint.

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1. Awake
2. Tiny Consumer
3. Mute
4. Papercut
5. Control
6. Closer Colder
7. Salt
8. Partyline Honey
9. Bonus Track

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