DOCK 16 - NOD (DOCK 16)
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NOD by 310
Formats: 12" EP (DOCK 16)
Release Date: 3 May 1999

Similarly epic in scope to their limited edition Prague Rock EP, but this time all their own work (!), the Nod EP is comprised of three very different, indefinable tracks. The title track builds almost imperceptibly over the course of nine minutes from the sound of footsteps in a corridor into a powerhouse of raging yet tightly controlled percussion. The flip opens with the gorgeously atmospheric 'Under the Blue Words', and blends smoothly into the orchestral hip-hop of 'Shaving The Tiger'. This last is perhaps the most similar to the work you will have heard on Prague Rock.

310 are two old friends from New York: Joseph Dierker (currently resident in Seattle) and Tim Donovan (engineer at some of NYC's top studios; has worked with A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang, etc). The duo work by relaying tapes of new work across the continent, each building on the other's previous work.

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1. NOD
2. Under The Blue Words
3. Shaving The Tiger