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Bobby Dazzler by The Sons Of Silence
Formats: Limited Edition 7" (DOCK 17)
Release Date: 22 February 1999

Since 'Bobby Dazzler' was first released in November 1997 (as part of the Back On Your Heads EP), it has never really been away, picking up regular airplay all over the shop and featuring in film and TV productions accross the globe (it was used in the soundtrack to Irvine Welsh's 'The Acid House', among others.

So in the spirit of major label hype surrounding the film, The Leaf Label decided to release the track as a limited edition 7" single (1,000 copies) to commemorate the occasion, complete with "as featured in The Acid House" stickers and everything.

The 'Cut Down To Size' version of 'Bobby Dazzler' is essentially a tightened-up edit of the track, making it ideal for the Radio 2 playlist. On the flip, the mysterious Black Helicopters (whose only release to date was a bootleg 12" on their own Rotor records) provide a remarkable remix in 3/4 time - a conscious effort to produce dance music that does not conform to the hegemony of the 4/4 beat.

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A. Bobby Dazzler (Cut Down To Size)
B. Bobby Dazzler (Live At Bar Maldoror)