TOOL 1 - Speedranch^Jansky Noise Present: Execrate [Configuration 001] (TOOL 1)
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Speedranch^Jansky Noise Present: Execrate [Configuration 001] by Various Artists
Formats: Limited Edition 12" (TOOL 1)
Release Date: 8 February 1999

Feted in an infamous Wire magazine cover story ('Harder! Faster! Louder!' Oct 1998), Manchester's DJ Speedranch and Jansky Noise (the latter one half of the notorious V/Vm crew) are lighting the blue touch paper beneath the stagnating remains of the established music industry. Love them or loathe them, these two are provoking a welcome reaction, a kick up the arse of music.

This limited edition 12" DJ tool is a taster for the album, containing eight pieces with which the discerning (or downright strange) DJ can create his or her own Execrate-style mix. While it cannot really be described as a sampler for the mix CD - with typical perversity most of the cuts on the 12" will not be featured in the mix - it does give a flavour of the terrors to come.

The first pressing of 1,000 copies of this 12" included an acetate sheet, which goes some way to explaining the concept behind the record. Subsequent copies do not include this sheet.

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A1. Welcome To Execrate - The Mohican Death Chante
A2. Necessary Aggression (A Mind Probe In The Caverns Of Sub-Dwarfs)
A3. Spitting Venom At Your Methods
A4. Fuse The Vertical Strategy Game Extract - Vac 88r490: (w/Stock Hausen & Walkman)
A5. Sapid (Dust Devil)
B1. Retired (Rmx) featuring Hrvatski v Blitter
B2. Sphuk (Rmx)
B3. Tool 1 (Rmx 0014)