DOCK 13 - Prostate Boogie (DOCK 13)
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Prostate Boogie by Gripper
Formats: 12" (DOCK 13)
Release Date: 9 November 1998

Gripper makes his debut with this remarkable EP. Prostate Boogie comes at you like Mouse On Mars and Lalo Schifrin meet The Glitter Band. Uptown. Playing 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier'. And that's just the first track. The EP takes jazz, drum'n'bass, sleazy listening and just plain oddness comfortably in its stride.

Alan Gubby, the man behind Gripper, has been releasing records for over 7 years under various guises, in many different styles (though there's never been anything quite like Gripper...). He has recorded for several esteemed European labels: Jung Collective (on 2 Kool) is probably the best known; also Argonort (Dot/Language), Hydraflow (Precious Materials/PiknMix), Jazz Spanky's Sound Approach (Cup Of Tea), Floating Point (Kabal Agogo) and Monoslapper (Satellite). His own Kabal Agogo label has released several records, including the 1997 Interference Patterns compilation.

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A1. Prostate Boogie
A2. Naff Logo
B1. Love To... Can't
B2. Tell Me Who Is Boss