DOCK 14 - What My Ears Can See (DOCK 14)
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What My Ears Can See by Richard Thomas
Formats: Limited Edition 7" Mini-Album (700 copies) (DOCK 14)
Release Date: 12 October 1998

Richard Thomas's What My Ears Can See, which includes 'Manicougan 5' from the Classic Plant collection, is The Leaf Label's debut 7" release. This is Richard's first release since the acclaimed Shoes And Radios Attract Paint album on Lo Recordings (1997).

Richard originally came to the attention of lovers of odd stuff through his contributions to the Invisible Soundtracks series on Leaf. The idea behind this 8-track 7" was to capture more of those musical vignettes on his own record. Sounding like snapshots from his warped laboratory, these tiny pieces perfectly lend themselves to the 7" format.

Limited to just 700 copies, this release is a bona fide collector's item.

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A1. Manicougan 5
A2. Hey! It's A New Kind Of Music From Outer Space!
A3. Asa Nisi Masa
A4. Spooling Richie
A5. Pink Stuff
B1. Darby Tufts
B2. Going For A Walk
B3. Absolute Winter