MDMA 02 - Fallout (MDMA 02)
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Fallout by Various Artists
Formats: CD (MDMA 02CD) 2CD (MDMA 02X 2CD Digital (MDMA 02E)
Release Date: 1 June 1998

This is the US version of Classic Plant, licensed to the New York based Derailed label. It contains different tracks to the UK version.

There is also a limited edition double CD version (includes The Sons Of Silence - Back On Your Heads EP [DOCK 12CD]). 400 copies only.

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1. It's A Bloodbath! by The Sons Of Silence
2. Cooling System [edit] by A Small Good Thing
3. Chicken Dinner by Ronnie & Clyde
4. Pass Agent by Luger
5. Silence Go Boom! by The Sons Of Silence
6. Field by Four Tet
7. 4am On Point by Witchman
8. Bleeder by Twisted Science
9. ibra Slap (65 Elements) by The Sons Of Silence
10. The Don by Boymerang