REEL 3 - Invisible Soundtracks Volume III (REEL 3)
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Invisible Soundtracks Volume III by Various Artists
Formats: Limited Edition 12" EP (REEL 3)
Release Date: 16 February 1998

Following Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 1 collection, which compiled the first two Invisible Soundtracks 12"s as a CD, The Leaf Label continues its acclaimed series with a third limited edition EP (1,000 copies pressed).

Once again, the EP features only exclusive tracks, specially commissioned for the project. The label invited artists (both new and established) from across a broad musical spectrum to contribute an evocative piece of music for an imaginary film. We think they did nicely.

Of the five tracks on this 12", three will be included on the forthcoming Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2 CD release (REEL 3CD) which will also include exclusive tracks by Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Laika, A Small Good Thing, Fridge' and David Kristian, amongst others.

b.Low '(Patrick Pulsinger & Erdem Tunakan)
Pulsinger and Tunakan should need no introduction as the brains behind Vienna's fabulous Cheap label, and b.Low (Vienna's leading low profile band!!) was the first project they worked on together. A highly sought-after trio of b.Low releases surfaced between 1991 and 1994, in excruciatingly limited runs, with guests such as Gerhard Potuznik and Richard Dorfmeister. A b.Low album will be released on Cheap imminently. Pulsinger and Tunakan have collaborated many times, most famously as Sluts'n'Strings and 909. Pulsinger has already tried his hand at an imaginary soundtrack with his self-explanatory Porno album for Disko B, and the low down and dirty 'Stepping Through A Wooden Door' would have to be the love scene in this particular fictitious film... This track will be included on the Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2 CD.

CONTROL PANEL (Warren Defever)
One of a myriad pseudonyms that sonic troublemaker Warren Defever of His Name Is Alive (4AD) has appeared under, Control Panel represents some of his first forays into electronica. Two tracks have already been released: Control Panel 01 was a limited cassette only release; '02' appeared on a limited run 12" last year; the oddly haunting '03' appears here; and '04' and '05' appear on the forthcoming Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2 CD. Defever lives and works in Livonia, just outside Detroit, Michigan.

Brennan, one of a growing number of musicians emerging from the Isle Of Wight, is one of the UK's most prolific producers. Best known for his work as Fretless AZM (on Holistic), he also records as Universal Being (also Holistic), Maxwell House (Peacefrog), O.H. Krlll (Beau Monde), and under his own name for Sublime, Phonocide and now Leaf! The track he has recorded for Invisible Soundtracks is quite different from his other projects. No-one else sounds quite like Max... 'From The Temple To The Nile' will be included on the Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2 CD.

FOUR TET (Kieran Hebden)
This track represents the first fruits of Kieran Hebden's sample-based project, Four Tet. Hebden's other group, the post-rock trio Fridge released three albums on Output and another on Go!Beat. An exclusive Fridge track appears on Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2. In 2000, Fridge performed as the live backing band for Badly Drawn Boy across European Summer Festival dates.

TO ROCOCO ROT (Robert Lippok & Stefan Schneider)
The kings of understatement, TRR are based in Düsseldorf (Schneider, also of Kreidler) and Berlin (the Lippok brothers), and are signed to City Slang records. Their albums, Veiculo and The Amateur View are, to be perfectly frank, stunning. In a spooky real - world - meets - Invisible-Soundtracks moment, 'Die Dinge Des Lebens' is used in a German film, entitled Nettropics (directed by Vladimir Mushevsky). The track will also appear on the Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 2 CD.

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A1. b.Low - Stepping Through A Wooden Door
A2. Control Panel - Control Panel 03
A3. Max Brennan - From The Temple To The Nile
B1. Four Tet - Field
B2. To Rococo Rot - Die Dinge Des Lebens