DOCK 12CD - Back On Your Heads (DOCK 12CD)
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Back On Your Heads by The Sons Of Silence
Formats: CD EP (DOCK 12CD) 12" EP (DOCK 12) Digital (DOCK 12E)
Release Date: 17 November 1997

The Sons Of Silence would like to introduce you to some of their friends:

Meet Bobby Dazzler... he's in town and he's here to cut a rug. Strutting on to the dancefloor with Lena and Jim, all eyes are on him. Like a lemon, he's sharp.

But he's not the only Face in town... from the shadowy corner near the gents, Sinister Dexter swaggers towards you. Don't be deceived - his measured pace masks a twitching, edgy danger: push him too hard and he'll snap on you like a mantrap.

Together, Bobby and Dexter close in on the Moving Target in a pincer movement that'd make a lobster blush. Drawn in by her ever-shifting, shrinking lines, she's trailing a lure that'll hook Bobby Dazzler, Sinister Dexter and you. The atmosphere's electric: you could cut it with a knife, just don't put your chewing gum on the seats, thank you.

But enough tension, it's time you got Back On Your Heads.

Startling facts about this record:
1: It start with horn and end with bomb
2: One of The Sons Of Silence fractured his skull two hours before the first live performance of 'Bobby Dazzler' at The Melting Pot. But they made it through the night and the X-Ray came out beautiful
3: DJ Silencer can fly

'Bobby Dazzler' was featured in the soundtrack to Irvine Welsh's 'The Acid House', and has been used in numerous TV programs. Two new versions of 'Bobby Dazzler' are also included on a limited 7" release (DOCK 17).

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1. Bobby Dazzler
2. Moving Target
3. Sinister Dexter