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Block by A Small Good Thing
Formats: CD (BAY 2CD) Digital (BAY 2E)
Release Date: 29 September 1997

A Small Good Thing found a happy home on Leaf for their fourth album, Block. Like a favourite suit, it's immaculately cut, but comfortably worn at the edges.

ASGT believe that the best environment to make music is away from influences and pleasant distractions: a musical vacuum. Which explains why their records have only been released in America until now. Block was the first UK release for a group that had already released three cult albums on the Soleilmoon label: the bone-stripping dry desert of their 'Slim Westerns' debut (1994); the fetid heat of an old-time preacher's tent that emanates from the Cool, Cool Water EP (1996); and the queasy listening music that seeps out of 'The Pink And Purple World Of Dishonesty' (1997).

ASGT have never been part of a gang - they never seemed to fit in. So they had to form one of their own. They sit by the rear window, picking up snatches of conversation, absorbing all that surrounds them, and rebuilding it as a musical cross-section through a tower-block. Try the startling jolt of eroticism that is 'Babywalker', the invigorating electrical storm created by 'Moving Heat Source', or the second glance that 'The Horn' demands. Then tell us we're right.

"God forbid we should ever be thought of as normal..."

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1. Cooling System
2. Babywalker
3. Moving Heat Source
4. A Short History Of Underlinen
5. The Horn
6. Essay On A Flat Stomach
7. Girl From ICI Plant
8. 40 Watt Ovals
9. Air Traffic Controller
10. Air Traffic Controller (Part 2)

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