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Suited & Booted by The Sons Of Silence
Formats: 12" EP (DOCK 6)
Release Date: 15 July 1996

1989: The SONS OF SILENCE take their name from a Louisiana motorcycle gang.

1992: The SONS decide their first project should be a film. What's On Your Mind is the result; a hypnotic look at How The Stars Really Are, featuring Sharon Stone, Gus Van Sant, Harvey Keitel, Juliet Binoche and Tim Robbins. (Partly as a means of self-defence and partly to enable greater flexibility, the nature and physicality of The SONS OF SILENCE is shrouded in secrecy. Members are believed to have contributed to works by techno-primitive-ambient project O'Yuki Conjugate, but The SONS prefer to distance themselves from a scene populated by "candy-assed numbskulls drinking on empty minds.")

1994: The SONS' first performance at London's ICA is greeted with acclaim by audience and other artists alike, despite the fact that no-one knew what or who they were seeing, since the group don't like to make a big thing out of it, dig? (Confusion reigns as an audience misinterprets a carefully constructed performance as a fight between the two onstage members).

The Tall Son stresses the importance of theatre to the live performance, "of course, theatre could mean Grand Opera or Samuel Beckett." The Son With The Eyes says "it just depends on what was on TV the night before."

1995: Work continues on Spoke, an improvised project employing only bicycles as the sound-source. The world premiere of this occurred at Vienna's fabulous Phonotaktik festival, and a full-scale version has been in the pipeline forever, it seems like.

1996: The first Extended Play recording by The SONS OF SILENCE, entitled Suited And Booted (DOCK 6) is released by The Leaf Label. Offside techno rubs up against sweaty funkiness, peals of reggae horns and crafty, sultry melodics.

All tracks from the Suited & Booted EP are also available on CD as part of the Spring Forward : Fall Back mini album (DOCK 7).

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A1. Silence Go Boom!
A2. Chainstorm
B1. Okie Dokie
B2. Murnau