DOCK 33CD - Tsu Gi Ne Pu (DOCK 33CD)
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Tsu Gi Ne Pu by Asa-Chang & Junray
Formats: mini-CD (DOCK 33CD) mini-LP (DOCK 33) Digital (DOCK 33E)
Release Date: 10 February 2003

Something utterly unique; a breath of fresh air and a welcome wake-up call to those who want more than the same tired old sounds and styles recycled ad infinitum.

Following the acclaimed debut album, Jun Ray Song Chang (Number 4 album of 2002 in The Wire, Top 40 album of 2002 in Mojo magazine, and Top 40 single of the year in Muzik), Asa-Chang & Junray release an entirely new mini-album, Tsu Gi Ne Pu.

Tsu Gi Ne Pu (say it 'tsoo-gee-ne-poo'), comes from arcane Japanese language, and is somewhat difficult to translate. Some time ago Asa-Chang saw a TV poetry programme, in which a poem entitled 'Tsu Gi Ne Pu' by Sadakazu Fujii was recited. The poem mixed up modern Japanese with very old school language and this amazed Asa-Chang.
After the striking emotional depth of the instant classic 'Hana', Asa-Chang had been wondering whether he could write music of that quality again. Hearing the poetry reading, he found new inspiration and began to work on these new recordings.

Tsu Gi Ne Pu began in the same way as all of Asa-Chang's works, with a blank manuscript, pencil and eraser, a Casiotone keyboard and... a calculator. Asa-Chang is obsessed with the precise division of time within the rhythms, and the spaces that can be found in between these divisions. He feels it is important to follow the methods of classical music, with the emphasis very much on accurate live performances of the works. 'Hana' was a precisely calculated and notated work, and has been performed exactly as originally scored on the recent tour of specially selelcted Tokyo clubs, halls and sake breweries.

This mini-album focuses largely on the indian percussive abilities of U-Zhaan and Asa-Chang as well as the introduction of sitar. The strength of the unusual melodic flavours and violently colourful sounds remains undiluted, but there is a greater sense of space than on the densely packed Jun Ray Song Chang album.

As always, Asa-Chang's music is a true exotic adventure. Have fun!

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1. Toremoro
2. Tsuginepu To Ittemita
3. Xylophone
4. Kaikyo
5. Kutsu #3