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MINING is the vision of Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby - data scientist, inventor and sailor. He brings together a collective of programmers, improvisational musicians, graphic designers and photographers. In searching for and manipulating complex and intricate data sets, Kirkpatrick-Whitby and sound designer PJ Davy created an evocative sound world as the
foundation of the Chimet sonification project. Matthew Bourne’s improvised piano was captured in a single take, with little preparation - an instinctive reaction to the dissonant, rolling audio created by the data. Upon this structure, cello and Memorymoog synthesiser were orchestrated to add colour and shade.

Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby: project concept, artistic direction, data sourcing, analytics & programming
PJ Davy: sound design & programming
Matthew Bourne: piano, cello & Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog (LAMM) synthesiser


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