Julia Kent - Imbalance video
Published 14 December, 2018 by THD

Julia Kent has unveiled the pastoral video for her latest single ‘Imbalance’. It is directed by artist Gregory Euclide, whose beautiful work you may know from the cover of Bon Iver’s second album.

The video is an extension of his impressionistic landscape works. “The first time I heard the song I got chills,” Euclide explains. “Something about the methodical ticking that was out of rhythm, stutter stepping through the drone… the pulse. It pulled my imagination in multiple directions. It was at once romantic and dramatic with the sense of doom. I was the prairie responding to the wind and the wave eating away the shoreline. I was a butterfly and the ocean... hopeful, lonely and aware of my limited time within the system.”

Temporal will be released January 25th. Pre-order on CD, black vinyl LP+CD and vinyl LP+CD on the Leaf Shop and Bandcamp. | Twitter | Facebook | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Leaf Shop | Spotify | Apple Music

Snapped Ankles - Drink and Glide video
Published 12 December, 2018 by DM

The woodwose have rounded out an all action year with the announcement of their second album, Stunning Luxury, tour dates for 2019 and a tour support with the mighty Beak>. But wait, there’s one more Snaps shaped present under the tree before they go into hibernation. Unwrap the yoga instructional video you never knew you needed until now. Drink and Glide.

Stunning Luxury will be released March 1st. Pre-order on pink or black vinyl, CD and download via Bandcamp and the Leaf Shop. There may be a small number of gold vinyl Dinked Editions left to pre-order from select independent UK record shops. Good luck in your search for treasure. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Leaf Shop | Spotify | Apple Music

Matthew Bourne and Keith Tippett tour
Published 05 December, 2018 by DM

Matthew Bourne and Keith Tippett tour

Our Matthew Bourne has teamed up with seminal UK jazz pianist Keith Tippett for a short run of shows in spring 2019. This new project is the culmination of a 20-year relationship based on mutual admiration and inspiration. Get your tickets booked now for maverick duelling grand pianos.

Bourne will also be playing a set of music from his 2017 Isotach album with a small string section. It is the first time this music has been played live with the accompaniment that formed the basis of that record.

Get all the details here.

Tue 12 Mar - Leeds College of Music, Leeds, UK
Sat 23 Mar - St George's Bristol, Bristol, UK
Sat 20 Apr - Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, IRELAND
Sun 28 Apr - Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London, UK
Thu 23 May - RNCM Theatre, Manchester, UK | Twitter | Facebook | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Leaf Shop | Spotify | Apple Music

Snapped Ankles new album - Stunning Luxury
Published 21 November, 2018 by DM

Snapped Ankles have been working undercover. They emerged from the undergrowth, whispered something about being tailed, and then handed us their new album. Snaps have taken on the guise of the very agents of their community’s demise – the property developers and brokers who heat the market on the promise of Stunning Luxury. With their adopted warehouse habitat under constant threat, the woodwose have taken this sharp-suited incarnation in order to infiltrate. The resistance starts here.

Stunning Luxury will be released March 1st. It comes in a number of Snaptastic variants. Are you sitting comfortably? Pre-order on CD, black vinyl LP+CD or neon pink LP+CD. All these are available on the Leaf Shop or Bandcamp, where you’ll also find a fetching T-shirt bundle. In addition there will be a high luxury gold vinyl Dinked Edition, exclusively available via select independent UK record shops.

Hey! Snaps live. Drink it in.

Sat 24 Nov 2018 w/Beak>, The Art School, Glasgow, UK
Sun 25 Nov 2018 w/Beak>, Riverside, Newcastle, UK
Mon 26 Nov 2018 w/Beak>, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
Thu 7 Feb 2019 ACU, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
Fri 8 Feb 2019 Grasnapolsky Festival, Groningen, NETHERLANDS
Sat 9 Feb 2019 Grauzone Festival, The Hague, NETHERLANDS
Sun 10 Feb 2019 Merleyn, Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS
Sat 23 Feb 2019 Mutations Festival, Brighton, UK
Thu 28 Feb 2019 Oslo, London, UK
Wed 6 Mar 2019 Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK
Thu 7 Mar 2019 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
Sat 9 Mar 2019 Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, UK
Sun 10 Mar 2019 Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, UK
Thu 14 Mar 2019 The Exchange, Bristol, UK | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Live Dates |
Bandcamp | Leaf Shop | Spotify | Apple Music


Snapped Ankles: Stunning Luxury (BAY 113)
Snapped Ankles
Stunning Luxury
Julia Kent: Temporal (BAY 106)
Julia Kent
Snapped Ankles: Drink and Glide (SNAP 8E)
Snapped Ankles
Drink and Glide

LWW: 3PE (BAY 87V)

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