Melt Yourself Down - Dot To Dot video
Published 26 November, 2015 by DM

Melt Yourself Down have unleashed the gritty video for new single 'Dot To Dot'. If you’ve ever wondered what Sesame Street would be like if it was directed by Larry Clark, this one is for you. It features a chain-smoking, skateboarding dog, an antagonistic chicken and a lion in a Cadillac. It poses many important questions. Will the dog get the girl? Why did the chicken cross the road? What’s up with the youth of today? There is only one way to find out.


The video was shot by The Diamond Bros in New York, alongside acclaimed photographer Vincent Laforet and Andre Constantini.

Pre-order ‘Dot To Dot’ on 12” vinyl/download from Bandcamp or the Leaf shop.

MYD play at The Bussey Building, London tonight (Nov 26) and Headrow House, Leeds tomorrow (Nov 27). Both shows feature our own Tony Morley, out of retirement to spin some records. #Leaf20 good times. No requests.

The Comet Is Coming - Prophecy EP
Published 20 November, 2015 by DM

The Comet Is Coming - Prophecy EP

The Prophecy is upon us.

Prepare yourselves for the end of the world, with this instructional video from The Comet Is Coming. It features fire-breathing monsters. If that isn’t enough to encourage you to click play, you’re already dead inside.


The Prophecy EP 12"/download is out today and available on Bandcamp and the Leaf shop.

The Comet Is Coming to a town near you, if you live near London or Rennes:

Wed 25 Nov - The Shacklewell Arms, London, UK
Thu 3 Dec - Trans Musicales Festival, Rennes, FRANCE

Melt Yourself Down - Dot To Dot
Published 18 November, 2015 by DM

Look to the skies and read the signs: Melt Yourself Down are back.

‘Dot To Dot’ is the new single. “I’ve got the rot,” wails fervent frontman Kushal Gaya with fire-dancing fury, “I’ve got the rot inside me.” And who are we to argue? There is utter conviction in his delivery, and a new found darkness to MYD proceedings.

Listen here and listen good:

Pre-order ‘Dot To Dot’ on 12” vinyl/download from Bandcamp or the Leaf shop now. It will be on your music service of choice on Friday.

MYD play in London and Leeds next week to help us celebrate Leaf 20:

Thu 26 Nov - The Bussey Building, London, UK
Fri 27 Nov - Headrow House, Leeds, UK

Polar Bear - No More Goodbyes
Published 17 November, 2015 by DM

Polar Bear have released meditative new single ‘No More Goodbyes’, which is taken from the same recording sessions as recent album Same As You. “With Same As You, I wanted it to be pure in one emotion,” explains bandleader Seb Rochford, “just choosing different ways to express that. This tune for me is a different feeling so felt right to me to share it by itself”. Listen/download it here.

The band played a spectacular double headline show with kindred sonic spirit James Holden at Electric Brixton on Sunday. They have two more shows this year; a Leaf 20 show at Headrow House in Leeds (2 Dec) and then one at Turner Sims in Southampton (4 Dec).

Polar Bear will be taking some time away to plot the follow up their devastating In Each And Every One/Same As You one-two. We suggest you take this opportunity to see a band at the peak of their powers and before the next transformation…  



Melt Yourself Down: Dot To Dot (DOCK 62)
Melt Yourself Down
Dot To Dot
Various Artists: Leaf 20 (BAY 100XX)
Various Artists
Leaf 20

The Comet Is Coming: Prophecy (DOCK 61)
The Comet Is Coming
Julia Kent: Asperities (BAY 92CD)
Julia Kent

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