DOCK 42CD - Cast Anchor (DOCK 42CD)

Cast Anchor by Hanne Hukkelberg
Formats: CD (deleted) (DOCK 42CD)
Release Date: 9 May 2005

By way of introduction, Hanne Hukkelberg’s Cast Anchor EP couldn’t be more persuasive. This beautifully packaged, limited edition 4-track CD collates two songs from Hanne’s forthcoming album, Little Things, with two live cuts that showcase her phenomenal voice.

'‘Cast Anchor'’ is a sea-worthy lullaby shanty about the virtues of hedonism. Hanne’s astonishing voice is warm and honeyed, and presides over the subtle innovations her band brings to the mix.

The two live tracks are further proof of the young Norwegian songwriter’s abilities. As on record, a performance by Hanne and her group (headed by noted producer Kåre Vestrheim) has a warmth and intimacy that comes from subtle confidence. Melodic and entrancing, ‘Words & A Piece Of Paper’ and non-album track ‘The Professor’ are perfect examples of her natural, fluid vocal talents, apparent from the softest hum to the heights of her range.

At just 26, Hanne Hukkelberg is an artist with a very bright future ahead of her. Cast Anchor is just a taste of things to come...

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1. Cast Anchor
2. Ease
3. The Professor
4. Words & A Piece Of Paper