MYD 2 - 'Fix My Life' & 'We Are Enough' (MYD 2)
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'Fix My Life' & 'We Are Enough' by Melt Yourself Down
Formats: Limited edition 12" vinyl (500 copies) (MYD 2) Digital (MYD 2E)
Release Date: 25 February 2013

Imagine, say, a hot, vibrating country, with a sea to the north, desert to the south, jungle to the east, mystery to the west. At the no-man’s-land heart of the fast, bothered capital city, salvation - a club, bar, dive. Approach with caution, for the production of pleasure, and wild nights. Will there really be a morning? The dedicated house band, Melt Yourself Down, blasting the four walls, a skittish, kinetic six of them, stars in their eyes, done with the compass, firing off in all directions at once, in total control, working up to breaking point, playing all the senses, leaving port, go, go.

Give and take. Functional and spiritual. Call and response. Stop and start. Near and far. Back and forward.

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side X: Fix My Life
side O: We Are Enough

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