MB 3E - Candela (For Sascha Heeney) (MB 3E)
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Candela (For Sascha Heeney) by Matthew Bourne
Formats: Digital only. MB 3E
Release Date: 27 March 2017

After last year’s celebrated moogmemory project, Matthew Bourne returns to the piano for breathtaking new track ‘Candela (for Sascha Heeney)’. In tribute to new love, this is the first single from Bourne’s forthcoming album, to be released this summer.

Where Bourne’s previous work would often seek to challenge, this is a deep meditation in texture and melody: skeletal piano motifs buoyed on a bed of strings. There is an emotional directness and vulnerability that Bourne has only ever hinted at. When taken in the context of his back catalogue, this unadorned simplicity is a bold and challenging step to make, and all the more devastating for it.

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1. Candela (For Sascha Heeney)