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Circle by Boom Bip & Doseone
Formats: CD (BAY 24CD) Limited Edition Double Vinyl LP (1,500 copies) (deleted) (BAY 24V) Digital (BAY 24E)
Release Date: 27 May 2002

A birdcatcher in a no-piece suit and a town crier in the round, Circle is the massively acclaimed debut album from lyricist Doseone (also a member of Clouddead) and producer Boom Bip. With a body of releases on Mush Records and links to the Anticon collective, Doseone and Boom Bip's first album together dismantles hip hop and reimagines it as a borderless zone where anything is possible.

Boom Bip: 'I wanted to do a project with no boundaries, my fellow musicians and my sampler. So Dose and I discussed doing a record together with live instrumentation and vocals that no one has ever attempted before. Dose and I locked ourselves in a studio and made what we like to call our 'audio film' Circle. The rest is yet to come...'

Circle is a psycho-delic tapestry weaving an astonishing pantheon of words and live instrumentation into a mangled hybrid of the history of pop. Doseone speaks a language of sickness: tongue twisting spools of dizzying prose at light speed, mind melting acid-phrases delivered in slow speak... even bird calls.

Playful, contradictory, intuitive and fucked-up, the album sucks you into an insidious dream sequence vortex, where the paranoid and the paranormal collide with the ghosts of Captain Beefheart, The Last Poets and The Residents. Circle is a cohesive trip of word and sound that ends where it begins, in between taking on epic proportions and exhuming the spirit of your long lost inner child.

Circle was originally released on California's exceptional Mush Records. This is the first time the album has been released outside of North America.

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1. Open
2. The Bird Catcher
3. Square
4. Dead Man's Teal
5. Re: The Rarity Of Meaningful Experience
6. Directions To California
7. The Lantern
8. Art Saved My Life -71
9. Questions Over Coffee
10. Wishful Thinking
11. Ironish
12. 21 To 35
13. Slight
14. Open Quotes
15. Town Criers Walk
16. Fence Hopping
17. Poetic License
18. Viewfinder
19. Bird Catchers Return
20. Sleep Talkin
21. Gin
22. Goddam Telephone
23. I Get It
24. Me And People
25. Ho's
26. Square… No Corners
27. This Album Was Meant To Be Myself But Somewhere Along The Line It Ended Up Feeling More Like You Yet
28. The Birdcatchers Oath
29. Close

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