SK 11E - KAL (Real World) (SK 11E)
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KAL (Real World) by Sarathy Korwar
Formats: Digital (SK 11E)
Release Date: 7 April 2023

KAL (Real World) is a companion piece to Sarathy Korwar's 2022 album - a rare glimpse of that spontaneous creative spark, these live improvisations laid the groundwork for the tracks that would go on to make up KALAK.

“This was the first time we met and played together with other human beings in the same room for almost a year, after the first lockdown,” Korwar explains. “It was a hopeful time where for a brief period we believed things were getting better. There was a lot of fondness, camaraderie and kindness in the room, and playing together felt like a cathartic expression. KAL (Real World) was recorded in less than 24 hours at the incredible Real World studios. Just being present in those rooms, which had borne witness to so many great recordings, elevated our senses.”

“The only written music I had when I came into this session was the KALAK symbol,” Korwar continues. “We talked in detail about the workings of the KALAK rhythm and my intention was to imprint this knowledge in the back of everyone's head so it played out subliminally during our recordings. Apart from this, the session was fully improvised.”

Over eight sinuous tracks, keen ears will be able to pick out the rhythmic and melodic signatures that have been honed and highlighted on KALAK. The energy in the room is clearly evident as the members of Korwar’s band; Danalogue and Al MacSween on synths, Tamar Osborn on baritone sax and flute, and percussionist Magnus Mehta, enjoy each other’s company and re-discover the art of making music.

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1. A Seed Comes From A Plant
2. A Root From A Tree
3. An Idea From A Circle
4. These Are The Originals
5. Heard After The Songs They Became
6. What Came First?
7. People Or Songs
8. Songs Or People