SK12E - KALAK (Live in Mumbai) (SK12E)
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KALAK (Live in Mumbai) by Sarathy Korwar
Formats: Digital (SK12E)
Release Date: 1 March 2024

This trio (Sarathy, Tamar and Al) has been performing live together since 2016 and has developed its sound by adapting studio versions of tracks from Day To Day, More Arriving and KALAK over the past seven years. This is the first live recording of the group to be released. Performing KALAK on a six city India tour in December 2023, this recording captures the energy, co-dependence and trust they have nurtured by playing together for so many years.

As Sarathy puts it, “Touring and developing a shared musical language with Tamar and Al has been one of the highlights of my career. I feel genuinely blessed to get to spend time with them, on and off stage.”

Sarathy Korwar - drums, voice
Tamar Osborn - baritone saxophone, flute, voice
Alistair MacSween - synthesisers, drums, voice

Recording by Shane Crasto.

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1. Remember To Look Out For The Signs (Live in Mumbai)
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