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Mind Edit by Riow Arai
Formats: CD (BAY 32CD) Limited Edition Double Vinyl LP (1,200 copies) (BAY 32V) Digital (BAY 32E)
Release Date: 27 October 2003

"For most techno/breakbeats producers, technology is just a substitute for writing a complicated composition, or a shelter from exposing their artless forms. But for Riow Arai, it is a playground for releasing his spirit. He has the talent to open a door to the future of music" Nobukazu Takemura

Following the release of the Killer Disturbance EP comes Tokyo beat producer Riow Arai's first album release outside of his home country.

Influenced as much by Chicago post-rock and German electronica as it is by the cut-up styles of Matthew Herbert or Rob Swift, or the straight-up hip hop of The RZA or Busta Rhymes (check the 'RA Recommends' section of his website to find out where he's coming from), Mind Edit has undoubtedly got the funk. In spades.

This is hiphop like you've never heard before, masterfully crafted, incredibly fresh and quite unique. Defying definition, Mind Edit observes no borders; follows no rules; obliterates established concepts.

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1. Intro
2. Undulation
3. Inter
4. Disturbance
5. Gyrate
6. Hyp
7. Gold
8. Flatter
9. Break Roads
10. Trillion
11. I Dine At Daybreak

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