ROTOR 1 - Black Helicopters (ROTOR 1)
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Black Helicopters by Black Helicopters
Formats: Limited Edition 12" EP (1000 copies)
Release Date: 1 November 1998

"Show them as scurrilous and depraved. Call attention to their habits and living conditions, explore every possible embarrassment. Send in women and sex, break up marriages. Have members arrested on marijuana charges. Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them. Send articles to the newspapers showing their depravity. Use narcotics and free sex to entrap. Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt. Get records of their bank accounts. Obtain specimens of handwriting. Provoke target groups into rivalries that MAY RESULT IN DEATH."

These are the tactics of the US intelligence sector in the destabilisation of the lives of musicians as revealed in a Senate Intelligence Committee report released on April 26, 1976.

BLACK HELICOPTERS may be music's only hope in the face of such an adversary.

Pledge your allegiance now.

"Familiarity breeds content"

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A1. Hammered Gods
B1. I Am Leatherman
B2. Beyond Our Ken