DOCK 7 - Spring Forward : Fall Back (DOCK 7)
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Spring Forward : Fall Back by The Sons Of Silence
Formats: CD EP (DOCK 7CD) 12" EP (DOCK 7) Digital (DOCK 7E)
Release Date: 10 March 1997

What the hell have they been up to this time?

Summer 1996: The first Sons Of Silence EP for The Leaf Label was called Suited And Booted. The lead track 'Silence Go Boom!' was heard everywhere, including multiple video showings on MTV, as well as being made a Priority Tune on Radio 1's Evening Session. Kiss FM dubbed it "a whole new type of music." It subsequently appeared on Jon Carter's 'Essential Mix 4' CD, and, bizarrely, the 'Damon Hill: The Fight For Victory' video. The Sons would like to make it clear that they hate cars.

March 1997: The Sons Of Silence release the Spring Forward : Fall Back EP on March 10th (DOCK 7). The 12" is accompanied by a special 8-track CD (DOCK 7CD) combining Spring Forward : Fall Back and the Suited And Booted EP, previously unavailable on CD.

The rest is a complete mystery. Do come.

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1. Critical Mass
2. Silence Go Boom!
3. Chainstorm
4. Hell's Teeth!
5. I'm Melting
6. Okie Dokie
7. A Grain Of Sand
8. Murnau