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Utopía by Murcof
Formats: CD (BAY 38CD) Digital (BAY 38E)
Release Date: 7 June 2004

When Fernando Corona released Martes, his first album as Murcof, back in 2002, it was a bolt from the blue: a work of such clarity and strength of character that it became an instant genre classic. The album’s reputation spread by word of mouth, and it continues to sell as strongly now as it did when it was released, subsequently becoming one of The Leaf Label’s biggest selling albums.

Corona is currently putting the finishing touches to his second Murcof album, scheduled for release in September 2004 on CD and DVD in full 5.1 sound. But before that comes Utopía, a specially priced collection featuring sympathetic reworkings of tracks from Martes, the two tracks from 2003's exceptional Ulysses 12", both tracks from the Utopía Remixes 12" (April 2004) and two further previously unreleased Murcof tracks, ‘Una’ and ‘Ultimatum’. More a companion piece to Martes than a prelude to the new album, Utopía distils the essence of the first album into sinuous new forms.

The remixers employed here are a typically global bunch for The Leaf Label, including Sutekh (Context Free Media/San Francisco), Supersilent producer Deathprod (Rune Grammofon/Oslo), Icarus (The Leaf Label/London), Corona’s Mexican collaborator Fax (Static Discos/Mexicali), Jan Jelinek (Scape/Berlin), Geoff White (Force Inc/USA) and Colleen (The Leaf Label/Paris) delivering her first ever remix.

You can view a short film that was made for the track 'Ulysses' by Tijuana director Aaron Soto and performance artists Azzul Monraz and Aldo Guerrafor here.

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1. Ulysses
2. Maíz (Der Abschied von Dawson City mix)
3. Ulysses (Deathprod mix)
4. Memoria (Sutekh's Trisagion mix)
5. Urano
6. Maíz (Icarus Mix)
7. Ulysses (Fax Mix)
8. MO (a.mo.re - aeroc mix)
9. Una
10. Muim (Colleen Mix)
11. Ultimatum

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