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Caravan by Efterklang
Formats: Limited Edition 7" Vinyl (1000 copies) (DOCK 51) Digital (DOCK 51E)
Release Date: 7 April 2008

Efterklang release '‘Caravan'’ as a strictly limited edition 7” single (just 1,000 hand-numbered copies) to coincide with a UK tour. A digital-only EP is also available, featuring two otherwise unavailable remixes.

‘Caravan’ is taken from the acclaimed album Parades (a top 25 album of the year in Mojo magazine).

An explosive video clip for 'Caravan', directed by acclaimed Danish feature film director Anders Morgenthaler, accompanies the single.

or.. (you can watch it here. After the success of the 'Mirador' video (now with almost 1,000,000 Youtube plays) all eyes will be on this one.

The B-side to the 7”, ‘The Romance On Mammoth Hill’ (exclusive to this release), is a brooding track recorded during the Parades sessions that the band was unable to squeeze into the final album sequence.

As download exclusives, you can find a stunning remix of ‘Caravan’ by the London-based multi-instrumentalist composer Max de Wardener and a rework of previous single ‘Mirador’ by talented visual artist and self-taught musician Vincent Oliver.

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A1. Caravan
B1. The Romance on Mammoth Hill
digital bonus tracks:
3. Caravan (Max de Wardener remix)
4. Mirador (Vincent Oliver remix)

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Caravan video