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Martes + Utopía by Murcof
Formats: Limited Edition Triple White Vinyl LP + CD (BAY 23VX) Limited Edition Triple Black Vinyl LP + CD (BAY 23VX) 2022 Reissue Black vinyl 3LP + DL (BAY 23VXX) 2022 Reissue Limited edition Cloud White vinyl 3LP + DL (BAY 23VXXW)
Release Date: 7 December 2015

Murcof’s 2002 masterpiece Martes re-issued as part of Leaf 20.

Now available on limited edition triple black and white vinyl, it has been resequenced with the original tracks from the subsequent Utopía CD, plus three rarities from the Martes era, in new, updated artwork. Includes a CD of the original Martes album. One of a series of ten landmark albums, reissued on vinyl to celebrate The Leaf Label’s 20th year. Packaged in new, updated artwork, it includes original Martes CD album in miniature Leaf 20 design card wallet, Leaf catalogue inner sleeves and spot varnished Leaf 20 logo on front cover.

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A1. Memoria
A2. Marmol
A3. Momento
B1. Maíz
B2. MO
B3. Mes
C1. Mir
C2. Mapa
C3. Minda
D1. Muim
D2. MFRelay
D3. Unisón
E1. Ulysses
E2. Una
F1. Urano
F2. Ultimatum

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