DOCK 68 - Violations (DOCK 68)
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Violations by Snapped Ankles
Formats: Limited edition white vinyl 12” EP (DOCK 68X) Limited edition black vinyl 12" EP (DOCK 68) Digital (DOCK 68E)
Release Date: 21 April 2018

Violations was released on limited edition white vinyl for Record Store Day 2018 (750 copies). It will be available on black vinyl from 29 June 2018. Pre-order here.

Famed in mediaeval folklore, it has been suggested that the woodwose represent the opposite of civilisation. Outcasts at the fringes of society – that place inhabited by hunters, criminals, religious hermits, herdsmen, and others who operate on the margins. That place where rock and roll found its voice, long before its inevitable commodification. On Violations, Snapped Ankles dare to show their hand. Here are the records and artists that shaped them. Outsider music. Recreated on logs and drums and rusty wire. Shot through with tetanus, electricity and bile. Society is on the verge of collapse. Get out while you still can.

‘CIA Man (NSA Man Violation)’ is a take on The Fugs’ call to arms, ‘CIA Man’. The counterculture anthem is as relevant and powerful today as it was in 1965 – a glowing testament to the strength of the source material, the filthy saw tooth makeover and a razor sharp witted update on the lyrics for the Edward Snowden generation.

On ‘Ghosts (Ghosts on Tinder Violation)’, Snapped Ankles wear their New York new wave record collector badge firmly on their hairy sleeves. The cult 1981 Comateens track has been in and out of their live set for a number of years, and has clearly informed the angular pop moments on their debut album.

In something of a left turn, the woodwose have also turned their magpie eyes to Joey Beltram’s 1991 techno classic ‘Energy Flash’. Its organic, bass heavy forward momentum makes perfect sense when played back-to-back with their take on Can’s ‘Bel Air’; flexing the shapes Snapped Ankles honed at the Krautrock Karaoke club nights in East London.

The lines that connect these covers may not be obvious at first, but in the hands of Snapped Ankles they make perfect sense; cherry picking those forgotten highpoints in the flood of content and creating something timely, grubby and exciting.

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A1. 1. CIA Man (NSA Man Violation)
A2. 2. Ghosts (Ghosts on Tinder Violation)
B1. 3. Energy Flash (Dancing in a State of Possession Violation)
B2. 4. Bel Air (Burning Dressing Gowns Violation)